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Angel Help Resources

Getting Started for Students

Welcome to Angel@wsu. Use your network ID for username, and network ID password to log in.

Here are the directions for logging in:


Dear Students,

Browse to: http://lms.wsu.edu// and use your student Network ID (same as what is before your @wsu.edu address), and your Network ID password to get into Angel, you will see your courses listed in the courses module or nugget. (Click here for a 9 minute video walk-through of Angel or download iPod version)

If don't know or have a Network ID yet, or you want to reset your password, you can go to the zzusis portal to create one or look up your existing ID (using your student ID on the cougcard): https://zzusis.wsu.edu.

Angel forwards all email ONLY to WSU’s student email system, Office 365. You can go to the zzusis portal to set yours up.

Please avoid special characters like !@#$%^&*( in file names when you upload documents to Angel, as well as compress the images and files in your assignments and discussion postings.

Angel works best with Firefox, IE8 and IE7 are also supported. If you are on a Mac, please use Firefox, as functions such as dropbox submissions will not work using the default Safari browser.


FAQ section for Students

  1. Is there a quick tour or orientation to Angel?
    Click here for a 9 minute video walk-through of Angel or download iPod version) Also, note that on the left power strip there is a question mark button, which will take you to the help manual.
  2. How to Edit Your Profile (or personal information as it was called in Blackboard)
    The Preferences area is used to update your contact information, change your password, set up your CD-ROM drive for use with Angel, and set privacy options, determining what information is available to whom.  From the My Angel area (the first page that opens up when you enter log-in):
    Click the Preferences button in the power strip on the left, see screenshot below

    On the next screen you can choose options such as updating your name, your email address, and add a picture of yourself using the add button to the right of Photo URL. You can also set who can view this information in the "Viewable By" dropdown boxes. Note that you can click on the name of each item to get a small context help window.

  3. Where will I find the course syllabus and handouts?
    The WSU Registrar's Office downloads course registrations in to Angel Software.  Nursing faculty open the course software to students just prior to or on the first day of the semester or summer session. WSU Online courses are opened on the first day of the semester or summer session. Students login to Angel with their WSU network id and password and find the course of registration listed on the left side of their screen. Click on that course. The syllabus may be viewed on the home page or click LESSONS at the top and find it in the listings.
  4. What should I do if I am not taking the courses listed in My Angel?
    Let the registrar know that you are dropping, they will update the records, and within 24 hours you will no longer see the course.
  5. WSU email
    WSU no longer forwards email to home accounts. All students are provided with an Office 365 account through https://zzusis.wsu.edu 

    Your correct email address for all things WSU is NetworkID@wsu.edu. This however, is not a mailbox per se. It is what is known as an “alias.” The only thing there is instructions on where to send your WSU Email. As soon as you created your FName.LName@email.wsu.edu email account, your NetworkID@wsu.edu email began being forwarded to your email.wsu.edu account.

    To get to your email:
    Access email from any internet capable device at http://email.wsu.edu 

    For more information visit, http://email.wsu.edu/aboutoffice365.html

  6. How do I print screens from Angel online?
  7. Where do I find Adobe Acrobat to print pdf files?
    (uncheck the "free google toolbars", those things just clutter up your browser and Angel screen real estate)
  8. How do I add an attachment to the discussion thread in Angel Online?

Required Readings (Library Reserve)

Many faculty assign journal articles and other readings for their courses. Library staff make them available through a program called E-Res (for electronic reserves). Most faculty place a direct link to their course's reserve readings in the External Links section of their Angelcourse.

They will use a message similar to this: [Link to E-Res for this! Course] Use this link to connect directly to the Reserve Readings page for this course. You'll need the password at the end of this message to see the readings list. In order to follow U.S. copyright law, please do not share it with anyone not a member of the course. The password for this course is XXXXXXX

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