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Enable or Disable courses

  • In order to enable or disable (make available or unavailable) one of your courses in Angel, enter Angel and you will see your courses in the courses module or nugget.

    If your course is only viewable by editors, not viewable by students, you will see, "Disabled" underneath your course listing.
  • To enable your course so it is viewable by all students, go into the course by clicking on it's listing.
  • Click on the Manage tab.
  • Click on “General Course Settings” in the Course Settings nugget.
  • On the next screen, select the "Access" tab.
  • If it says “Editors only” for Member Access, it means only course editors have access.
  • Using the drop-down menu, change this setting to, "All members" and click Save.
  • You may get a pop-up that says, “Creating a course without specifying an instructor will cause the course creator to be assigned as the instructor. Click OK to continue or Cancel to specify an instructor login name.” Go ahead and click OK.
  • You’ll now notice that the courses nugget or module no longer shows your course as being disabled. Go back here to disable it again at the end of the semester.
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